Donald Myers: Self Hating Homosexual

Donald Myers, the “Angry Gay Pope” is an angry man. Under the pretense of “free speech activism,” he harangues Scientologists, often accusing them of being homosexuals themselves. He does this to men and women. In fact, a restraining order was placed against Donald by a female Scientologist for (among other offenses) sexual harassment.

But why would a gay activist accuse his enemies of being lesbians and homosexuals? Why does he use “gay” as an offensive epithet? If you watch any of the hate-videos on his website you will see him chastising people for possibly being gay….


Donald Myers contracted the HIV plague due to his sexual deviance. He’s going to DIE for his sin and he HATES himself for it. That’s where the anger comes from. Who could blame him?

One can only hope he finds the help he needs. It’s probably not a coincidence that he focuses his rage at Scientology, since it’s the only religion that could have cured him of his sexual aberrations.

Tom Newton

PS: Donald, if you happen to read this, try here. You may not save your life but you might save your soul.


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