Anonymous "Bull-Baiting" Scientologists

Donald “The Self-Hating Homosexual” Myers, also known as the “Angry GAY Pope,” demonstrates Anonymous’ tactic called “bull-baiting”:

Donald makes over $7,000 per month between his “Anonymous” donations, crazy checks, and his pot-dealing. He’s getting paid to hate. Isn’t that interesting? A “Gay Activist” soliciting donations to engage in religious persecution?

Or maybe there is nothing at all contradictory about Anonymous’ methods. Perhaps the unpaid majority of Anonymous are unwitting dupes who “just happen” to be engaging in the exact same leaderless terrorism tactics utilized by the KKK and various eco-terrorist cells.

Perhaps they are just mere computer geeks who “just happen” to stalk their political opponents to their homes, and run smear websites against them.

And maybe they really are innocent free speech activists who “just happen” to attack the websites of their targets in order to silence them, rather than confront the information itself.

Yes, your tin-foil hat would have to be screwed on pretty damn tight to believe that Anonymous members were anything other than a benevolent network of moral crusaders and freedom fighters. There is just NO WAY that they could be far left extremist kooks disguised as nice guys. There is NO WAY that their well documented history of cyber-terrorism, bullying, and hacking is anything other than a “few bad apples.”

Nope. Anonymous are the good guys, and Scientologists are all evil cultists. And if you believe otherwise, you too are an evil cultist and a homophobic racist.

Tom Newton


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