Anonymous is more than just a collective of cyber-bullies with a well documented history of cyber-terrorism, cyber-libel, and cyber-stalking; those are merely their tactics. What Anonymous IS happens to be far more sinister than their reputation for “prankishness” would suggest.

Behind the deception and lies they promulgate; beyond the fact that Anonymous functions superbly as a public relations front for established anti-Scientology extremists; behind the creepy intimidation tactics is something worse than its members even suspect:


Think about this: why do they only seem interested in issues of “free speech” which support far left, liberal fascist agendas? For example, in addition to spreading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY across the Internet, they started a “War” on Scientology because a Tom Cruise video was pulled off of But when conservative talk show host Michael Savage was BANNED FROM BRITAIN for exercising his First Amendment rights, they remained strangely silent….

If Michael Savage was banned for promoting cartoons which eroticised young girls, Anonymous would have been the first to defend him. But again, what it all comes down to is that they ONLY support extreme left-wing perspectives.

This is how I know that they are not free speech advocates. They’re far too busy being hateful
ideologues and perverts to care about actual free speech issues.

Tom Newton


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