The cyber-bully network known as Anonymous has exhibited a strong tendency towards fascism since they first unleashed their hate campaign against the Church of Scientology. As true “liberal fascists” (a term coined by George Orwell), they have now opened up discussions pertaining to the possibility of having the book DIANETICS banned in the UK:

Can Dianetics be Banned in UK?

They want it banned for “hate speech,” meanwhile they have no problem supporting Encyclopedia Dramatica, a website which boasts the largest collection of anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-Christian, anti-Gay rhetoric anywhere on the Internet.

This is the same group which endorses pedo-cultural icon “Pedobear.” This is the same group which has committed hundreds of hate crimes against individuals and against entire religions. This is the same group who started a “War on Scientology” as retaliation for a Tom Cruise video being pulled from Youtube.com under the guise of “fighting for free speech”, yet who are silent on the matter of conservative talk radio host Michael Savage being banned from the UK.

ANONYMOUS: Free speech activists? NO.


Tom Newton


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