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The racist cyber-bully network known as “Anonymous” often take their e-lynch mobs to the streets and inflict themselves upon innocent bystanders.

Most people simply ignore them and their heavy handed proselytizing; many others take offense to it.

I know that if I were surrounded by a masked mob of drug-addled Internet addicts surveillancing my every move with Paparazzi like intensity while trying to convert my way of thinking, I wouldn’t have been half as cordial as the gentleman in the following video:

(Note the heightened state of FEAR and PARANOIA exhibited by Anonymous at 0:36. At 1:00 Anonymous, the anti-authoritarian vigilante group, calls the Police.)

The last minute of the video consists of Anonymous members gloating over how they obtained their victim’s license plate….And why do they need license plates? Because THEY STALK PEOPLE.

They have repeatedly stalked and harassed me simply for reporting the truth about their sick cyber-cult. Which is why, as I stated earlier, I would not have been as cordial as the gentleman in the video above…..

Tom Newton