Just over a week ago street agitator and cyber-bully “Camera Anonymous” was arrested for making terrorist threats against the Church of Scientology. Not surprisingly, his cohorts are already raising money to help the terrorist handle the legal expenses incurred:

“As everyone knows, one of our fellow protesters was targeted by that scum sucking snake Moxon, and ended up spending four days in jail FOR DOING NOTHING ILLEGAL WHATSOEVER. Basically, this sucks. Cameranonymous deserves our support and our aid……Donate here:


Part of me thinks that this is an elaborate set up to milk the herd for rent money. It worked for Donald Myers, the “Angry Gay Pope.” Getting arrested is what the Anti-Scientology Racketeers call the “Fast Track” to success as an Anti-Religion Activist. It’s worked for Tory Magoo, Mark Bunker, Gregg Doush, Francoi “Anon-Orange” Chipotle, and many others.

The less scrupulous ones figure out ways to make the money without the hassle of getting arrested. Mark Bunker’s car allegedly broke down and so he had Tory Magoo solicit funds on his behalf. I suspect that’s part of the scam. By having a friend do the asking, it seems less self-serving and then there’s the credibility of having at least convinced one trusted person that it’s a worthy cause.

As racketeers, it’s safe to assume that they’d all back each other in their little enterprise. Some of these hate-mongers raise thousands of dollars a month this way. Is there any reason to think this is any different?

But go ahead. If you want to be just another dupe, and a supporter of a known domestic terrorist, then donate. It’s your dollar.

Tom Newton


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