Professional Anti-Scientologist Mark Bunker shamelessly gropes a young woman’s partially exposed breasts:

What is it about hate mongers that women find so attractive? By the way, if you pause the video at 0:53, you’ll see a “NIGRA,” which is what Anonymous members “jokingly” call blacks because the real “n-word” is too offensive. Many people have no idea that Anonymous members enjoy dressing as offensive black stereotypes:

Anonymous members have a long history of racially motivated cyber-bully attacks and hate crimes (see related posts below).

Tom Newton

Feb 23, 2009

Jun 28, 2008




Divorced, hate-mongering old spinster Tory Magoo warns Youtubers not to get into relationships with Scientologists:

If you are planning on a relationship with a member of the church of Scientology take time to set the boundries you will live by or find someone else as Cults are VERY deceptive and manipulative

What if she were to suggest that people avoid dating Jews? Or Muslims?

It’s been said that “misery loves company”, and miserable people hate being reminded of the happiness they are unable to attain (at 60 years of age and 60 pounds overweight, Tory Magoo is pretty much locked down to die alone). Sadly, her hateful, bigoted little diatribe only makes sense: after all, she was happily married to a Scientologist for twenty-seven years before she went apo$tate. It’s obvious that in the twilight of her years, she feels remorse about burning that particular Bridge…

Tom Newton

How To Donate Money to Gregg Housh


For those that do not know, I am the driving force behind as well as all of the famous Anonymous videos, and Anonymous itself.

In March, the cult filed criminal trespassing charges against me, even though I was nowhere near the building in question. You see, I am the person who took one for the team and signed for Boston’s protest permits, so they decided to go after me.

The trespassing charge has since been dropped, but Scientology keeps coming back and throwing more and more ludicrous charges at me. Some are thrown out immediately by the judge, but others are taking longer to deal with. Last Friday was another day in court, and the cult managed to get the date extended yet again for a few weeks from now. This is how they win court cases – they just bleed their opponents dry until they can’t afford legal representation anymore.

To that end, I’ve set up a paypal account to accept donations. I’m not just there behind the computer screen—I’m out here on the front lines fighting Scientology and potentially setting a precedent for cases to come. Now more than ever we all need to band together and show him that I am not going this alone.

Whether you can only spare $50 or $5000, know that I deeply appreciate your support, both financial and emotionally.

Right now, I’m trying to get about $25,000. It’s a pretty steep goal to be sure, but we must do our best to spread the word that once again Scientology is trying to bully someone around. We cannot allow them to continue like this, someone has to take a stand. If you are concerned about revealing your identity by using paypal, I have a few other options for you.

* You can go to just about any store and buy a pre-paid VISA card for various amounts. Purchase that with cash, and then return to the donate page. Put in any “Anonymous” name, address, etc that you want, and use the pre-paid CC to donate – you don’t even need a paypal account!

For further obfuscation be sure to use a new temporary email account for notification.

UPDATE: So it seems that Paypal will reply with “Failed Authorization” if you attempt this without a paypal account. What you have to do is a bit more complex, but that is the price of anonymity, no?

1. Create a new email address, there are several websites that also specialize in temporary addresses.

2. Create an account on paypal using a made up name, address, etc using this new email address, and linking your prepaid CC as your primary form of payment.

3. Paypal will make a few transactions that you will need to verify. The giftcard will have a website address on it that you can use to view transaction information. Once these paypal charges arrive, verify your paypal account.

4. You are now the owner of an Anonymous paypal account linked to that gift card, and can donate safely.

Remember – donating to my legal defense is NOT ILLEGAL. You aren’t hacking the pentagon here, so use your best judgment. I can only provide this method as a means for the truly paranoid.

* If that sounds like a lot of work, and you intend to show up to this month’s global in Los Angeles then you’ll be happy to hear that I will have a donation box. Be sure to bring some cash with you and drop it in the box that Noir Angeles has been kind enough to volunteer to walk around with. If you don’t know who that is, just ask around and someone will point you in the right direction.”


Tom Newton



A group of miscreants in “Anonymous” masks terrorized residents of Ayers, Massachusetts by peeping into windows. A witness described one of the suspects as wearing “…dark clothes and…a Vendetta mask.”

Whether these individuals are part of the greater number of “Anonymous” members who hack computers and urinate on the doorways of churches remains to be seen.

(White Anonymous members offensively dress as black stereotypes)

As far as sheer stupidity, this kind of behavior is par for the course. Anonymous members frequently stalk people both online, and in connection with their coordinated hate demonstrations against Scientologists. It appears that the sense of empowerment they get from their anonymous cyber-bullying has given them an exaggerated sense of security.

Maybe they really do believe that they’re above the law (they’re not). The little cyber-terror cell in question went into hiding when the police starting investigating. It was even reported that they burned their lil’ masks and capes.

Since this could easily be considered another PR Flop for Anonymous, perhaps even worse than the recent “pubic hair” vandalism they did to a church, we’re going to see them try and distance themselves from these “bad apples.” If they can’t marginalize those four entirely, they will try to blame the incident on Scientology Agent Provocateurs.

They have to be deceitful because the “War on Scientology” is a farce, and a racket. They HAVE to portray Scientologists as nefarious. More importantly, Anonymous organizers need a straw man to beat up if they’re going to be able to milk the multitudes of “activists” for donations. If the truth about Anonymous was more widely known, there wouldn’t be any more protests and 95% of them would have their computers confiscated and investigated.

Tom Newton


Hard Core Liberal Fascists Posing as Free Speech Activists

If you don’t agree with the politics of the cyber-bully network known as “Anonymous,” chances are, you don’t care. Like most normal people, you live and let live.

Just don’t expect these cowardly hate mongers to treat you with the same respect. If THEY don’t agree with YOUR politics, or YOUR religious beliefs, you may be attacked by them with impunity. By “attacked,” I refer to prank calls, death threats, having fake 911 calls placed in your name, libel, slander, and finally, they will stalk and harass you until you cease to be open about your beliefs.

In other words, your very freedom of speech will be attacked.

You will be silenced. OR, you can “convert” to their way of thinking, which is unlikely, since to Anonymous and their supporters, “free speech” should also protect HATE-SPEECH, CARTOONS DEPICTING PEDOPHILIA and RACIAL SLURS.

In the streets, Anonymous cyber-bullies pretend that they only want to “hug” you, but their online actions prove otherwise. Hugging an Anonymous member would be like hugging a hooded KKK member. One would have to be an incredulous moron to not see through their ploys for mainstream acceptance–something they will never have:

Tom Newton


A certain Anonymous member decided to threaten to rape my wife. He called her phone three times with his perverted, hateful attacks. However, on call number three, he forgot to block his number.

I have already notified the police in his hometown and merely have to decide:

1) Do I want to sue this guy for hate crimes, since these calls were motivated by Anonymous’ belief that we are Scientologists.


2) Do I want to do things Anonymous’ way. In other words, shall I play dirty? I could easily get this guy fired from his job, maybe cause some damage to his relationship with his obese girlfriend.

I certainly favor the second option, but then again, suing an Anonymous member could be good publicity for this blog. Sure the public deserves to know the truth about the hate group known as “Anonymous”, but this person could easily be a consistent source of “lulz“….

What do you think? Please comment below.

Tom Newton


Ben Schumin is another jerk with a video camera seeking to make a living as an “activist”. He harasses Scientologists and annoys everyone within earshot with both his extremely nasal voice, and his hateful rhetoric (he also protests the US Government, but I’m only focused on his Anti-Scientology “activism” for now).

His Anti-Scientology activism primarily involves videotaping targeted Scientologists, stating their names out loud, and recording their license plates. This information is used by “Anonymous” later in their cyber-stalking and tire-slashing campaigns.

Judging by his aggression and his clear lack of respect for boundaries, I predict that no more than three months will pass before Ben Shumin receives a Temporary Restraining Order.

Tom Newton


Ben Schumin’s Journal of Hate:


Anonymous members have a questionable mascot to say in the least. He’s a pedophile in a bear costume, worn to gain the trust of children. He’s the most recognizable pedo-cultural icon on the planet. Worse, the pedo-slang phrase “delicious caek”–a deliberate misspelling of “cake,” happens to be a reference to little girls.

IF THAT WEREN’T BAD ENOUGH: They are mixing their pedo-culture with their Anti-Scientology Extremism. Anonymous members are targeting specific individuals for sexual molestation, namely the daughter of the most famous Scientologist of all. The one who inspired Anonymous’ “War On Scientology” in the first place: Tom Cruise.

And now they are targeting his daughter Suri:

This picture and many others are surfacing on “” I refuse to hotlink to that e-cesspool. And here’s another recent thread on an Anti-Scientology website which references pedobear:

The pedophile bear in the thread above was posted by Anonymous member and covert-pervert “ChronicMasterbator“. I’m having some friends dig up some information on that scumbag so I can post it on here and expose his proclivities to his neighbors and co-workers. This also goes for a pervert named Skeptic1337, who called for a “50 pedo bear salute,” and suggested that child molesters “keep on keeping on.”

If you need more information about Anonymous and Pedobear, click the video links on the left or check the related links below.

Tom Newton

Jun 8, 2009

Anonymous Member Rapes Two Dogs

Apr 16, 2009


Feb 6, 2009


Dec 27, 2008



Are you an enemy of Anonymous? If so, you’d better be sure to keep your home address closely guarded, lest you be targeted for a “swatting.” This term refers to the act of making calls to the police department intended to have the local SWAT team sent to a targets home.

For example:

“…At his home in Allen, Joey Porter sat quietly with a small group of friends playing an online video game called Half Life II. Porter was seated at his computer with headphones blaring when there was a knock at the door. His friends glanced out of the front window and saw four or five vehicles parked nearby.

When they answered the door, a heavily armed team of police officers stormed in with weapons drawn. Porter, seated in his room and oblivious to the goings-on, turned around for a moment while playing his game — just in time to notice two police officers leveling a shotgun and pistol at him.” — Source:

If you are a Scientologist or outspoken against the proliferation of smut on the Internet, consider yourself fair game. Anonymous members have absolutely no boundaries and will go to any length to disrupt your life, even if it means sending armed police officers to your house under the false impression that you are armed and dangerous.

Speaking from personal experience, this is a very real possibility. They have sent pornography to my home, made death threats to my family over the phone, and my vehicles have both had their windows smashed and tires slashed.

Anonymous doesn’t mess around. Like most Liberal Fascists, their number one priority is silencing their opposition by whatever means necessary.

Tom Newton


“…I recognize my actions have been unfounded and ignorant and destructive in the extreme.”

– Mark “Marty” Rathbun

SOURCE (opens in a new window)

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