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Stu Wyatt Comforts Crazy Delaney:

The following love letter exchange occured shortly after I posted a blog about the impassioned, self-righteous bigot, “Crazy Delaney”. It appears that the bigots are bonding as a result of this blog…I almost regret writing this since it empowers them so much; but then I think: empowers them to what?

Fail harder? :

“PlymouthScientology | July 26, 2008
Hey 🙂

I just thought I’d let you know that you have caught the attention of Scientology online troll Tom Newton aka Alan at anonymous-is-a-hategroup(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I’ve had about 6 articles written about me, so I wouldn’t worry too much 🙂

You have them talking about you, which means that you are having an effect. Keep it up 🙂

– Stu

Crazy Delaney’s Response:

CrazyDelaney | July 26, 2008

“Hey Stu,

Oh yes.. I am aware of it. I used to comment pretty religiously on the old Anonymous Hate Group site and even debated one of their contributors months back. (I’m not sure if he is a Scientologist or not.. may just be a troll.) I popped into his comments recently and let him know I had a shout out to him in my last video.

I gave him a shout out in my last video but whats interesting is that the fat line is something they’ve run on me over and over again.

Keep up the good fight across the pond, Stu. 🙂



In addition to their shared hatred of freedom, both of these bigots are perfect examples of why Anonymous members should remain masked….

–Tom Newton


Serious Business is Serious

I found this posted at’s discussion forum. My comments are in red.

“We have put ourself in a very precarious position
from Activism Forums
by AVoiceInTheCrowd

Dear Anonymous,

We are in a very precarious position. I have registered a new account here to post this because, while I do not post here all that often, and am not well known, I still wish to remain anonymous. This needs to be said, and I want it said from a faceless account. I want it said the same way that this movement started. A voice in the crowd.” …baaahhhh…baaaaaaaaaaaahhhh….

“Allow me to go back to the beginning, January. I cannot even remember how I heard of the Tom Cruise video, nor can I remember how I heard of Chanology. All I know is that I had been very against Scientology since the South Park incident.” …So a cartoon caused you to hate a Religion?. I had been introduced to 4chan a year or so earlier but I did not spend much time there. This however interested me. Chanology drew me to 4chan more, mainly because of the sheer… human nature that 4chan embodies.”…What? Child Porn and Gore? That’s not human nature, so stop trying to justify your perversity….

It is a lot closer to true free speech than we can find virtually anywhere else. Or, I thought it was.”…You thought no such thing. You merely immitated.. I was impressed that something as good as Chanology could spring from something that seemed like such a bad place.” Chanology is organized bigotry. It’s no better than the KKK..”I have always thought that we can move beyond Scientology, once it is over come.” ..Lol...

I have always thought that we can become a force that can really change the world for the better. Scientology is a very serious problem, but in the scheme of this, we must all face the fact that is not the biggest problem in the world. It is something that needs to be fixed, as well as a good place to start.”…Hitler started out the same way. Pick an accepted scapegoat and go for it, right?….

The movement started off, I think, very well. We were new to this and we started off doing what we knew. Annoying the hell out of them. This was not a particularly long lasting thing, and we knew it. So we transitioned, with Mark Bunker’s help, to the live demonstrations. I did not attend the first protest, as I was busy.”…Mark Bunker is your leader…or at least was until we demoralized him….

“But I was sitting there, the night before, watching the reports roll in from Sydney. I admit I expected it to fail. But it didn’t, it was actually, as well as know, very exciting. London and Los Angeles had great showings as well. However, we hit our first difficulty almost immediately. A large (so we thought) protest of nearly ten thousand people worldwide was barely noticed.

This is where we made our first mistake. We planned another protest. And another, and another. This is where we lost the chans. The problem we faced was not that we were not hurting Scientology. We know that we have. We have hit them hard, money wise. The problem was that we did not have enough visible results to keep them interested.” You have had no results whatsoever.

“And we had the side effect of getting the general population of the chans pissed because we looked lame, and drew a lot of attention to the chans. The first protest looked cool. The second one, look fine as well. But then the drop in numbers began to have its effect. The movement lost more and more of the chan members due to it, with all due courtesy, becoming very lame.” No. The lameless was already present. It merely became more obvious..

We really look crazy to outsiders. They honk at us, and I thought this was because they support us, but realistically, it’s because everyone honks at protesters. I was in New York a while ago and I saw a group of protesters marching around. From what I gathered, they seemed to be protesting oppression in Estonia. I think. They looked lame, and I can’t remember any of their messages. That is our problem too. My dad saw one of our protests, and doesn’t want me to go anymore, because of what it looked like.

And to be honest, I don’t either. I do not ever want to see young kids there again.…Pedobear alone is reason to keep kids out of it, IMHO. “I understand the reasons why people are bringing their five year olds, but I think that we need to take a step back and look at this. We were outraged, when we thought that the Scientologists were going to, a while back, have kids outside an org during a protest to look like victims. Yet we have now done the same thing. These kids don’t understand...None of you understand what you are doing…. Do not tell saw that your kid is really smart and totally gets it; he/she doesn’t. They just want to be there because mommy is. They can talk about Scientology and look cute, but they really do not know what is going on. We should not be exploiting them like that. This worries me, and it worries others I know as well. We have morphed from something mysterious to one of those groups that whine about something while looking insane. And that makes people stop paying attention. I do not think we need to change our image because we have to answer to someone; we need to change our image because it is already detrimental.…detrimental? That started a long time ago with the bomb threats, the book burnings, the rock throwing, and the urine stains left on Churches.

So we have to do something. And that means we need to isolate the problem. As much as I hate to say it, we need to drop the monthly protests as our main actions. They do not accomplish enough besides costing Scientology money, and we can do that effectively in other ways. Our greatest assets at the start of this movement were four fold: our numbers, our mystique, our unity, and our ability to move quickly. I will discuss the problems in each.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Numbers. We were probably close to a hundred thousand strong online, and about 10-15 thousand in people willing to do things live. Due to fear of being alone, and real life conflicts, we would never get everyone to a protest. In March, our numbers grew because everyone was no longer afraid of no one showing up. Now however, we need to face that we are losing people. Numbers are down.”True. “We have made excuses. April was down because of weather. May was down because of school. June was down for something else. July was down due to what? I haven’t bothered to look. But these are excuses. August will be down for heat. Then school will lower numbers in September. October will have something. November will be school again. December will be the holidays. January will be to cold. And it will continue. So the excuses need to stop and we need to face the fact that we are losing numbers. And this is important. It makes us look weak, and it make us look less and less significant...and less and less and less….. It is too late to salvage this immediately. We can draw people in, but not by continuing as we are. So this will not be a way to get things done.

Mystique. We were not understood by anyone when we started. Scientology did not get us, and neither did the press. Even the Old Guard didn’t. This worked in our favor as it was very easy to see Scientologist spies. And things that people don’t get draw attention. But now, scientology does get us. The know how to go after us as well. We cannot simply change all the memes or change core aspects of ourselves; that would disorganize us. So this is no longer a viable way to get this done either…...That’s right. There is no shame in admitting failure….

–Tom Newton

Anonymous Leader Tory Magoo Defends Hired Thug Tommy Gorman

Here. Have some revisionist history:

Here is the image she is referring to:

For those who have not been threatened by Tommy Gorman, here’s a good introduction:

Tommy Gorman, Hired Thug.

–Tom Newton

Impassioned, Self-Righteous Bigot

If Paul Delaney would spend as much time jogging as he does attacking Scientologists on (his account has nearly fifty videos–most over 10 minutes in length), he wouldn’t be so fat and spiteful, I guarantee it:

–Tom Newton


Just as we predicted, Anonymous has failed in it’s mission to “DESTROY THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.” Anonymous no longer has the numbers nor the collective brainpower to achieve anything beyond petty harrassment and criminal mischief (see archives.)

Epic Fail for the Anontards.

So now what? Do they go back to being anonymous, spoiled little brats? Or will they take their peculiar brand of “activism” elsewhere (maybe Al Quaida is hiring).

Tom Newton

Woman Hating "Anonymous" Nearly Arrested

The “Angry Gay Pope,” was sent away from his “protest” by LAPD for harassing a young Scientologist for two hours:

“….I am at it again on my own in Hollywood Blvd. where I hassled a scientology stress test table for almost two hours. Eventually the police told me to stop and I left. I was hiding my head with an LAPD hat and the cops said ‘Take that off…you are making it worse.’

They also suggested I use a sign instead of harrassment. Then there would be no disturbing the peace issues.”

The Angy Gay Pope also expressed jealously over a mere “Sci girl’s” ability to attract men:

“…Note how pretty the Sci gal is. She needs her looks the way they have to literally yank young men by the arm to their table.
— Angry Gay Pope

For anyone who has seen the Angry Gay Pope in action, it’s obvious that his inability to “yank young men” has less to do with “Sci girls” and everything to do with being an overweight middle-aged gay man.

Here is a related satirical image from Anonymous’ planning website: