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"Anonymous" Losing The Battle On

For a group of computer hackers, Anonymous sure lacks any clear concept of how to keep their Youtube accounts active… One particularly nasty member, identified only as “The Shadow,” lost his account today—and I only had to flag it nine times!

Tom Newton



According to “The Shadow,” there was a “fairly big and important battle going down” and “Tory Magoo has found out about it, and waded into it with an non-helpful rant. She may well in fact have fucked the whole thing up…”

Tory was then told to kindly “GTFO,” a sentiment echoed throughout the Anonymous camp:

“NoTrust me, this is one battle we do not need to lose. I will post when I can. Well, if “old Bigmouth Magoo” has the info, the chances are that it will be Scilon knowledge by now!We should de-wig her naow! “ –Anonymous

…to be continued.

Tom Newton


Anonymous hate group members endlessly insist that their mascot, the”Pedo-Bear,” (see image below) is just there to satirize child predation.

They “jokingly” participate in underground Internet pedophile culture, yet act indignant when anyone suggests that there may be something wrong with it.

Keith Henson, a big name among “Anonymous” members and
other Anti-Scientologists, has official earned the coveted “Pedo-Bear Stamp of Approval” for being a prolific child rapist:

According to Valerie Hensen (she has applied to change her name to delete her fathers last name) says on

“….The Child Molester Keith Henson (full name, Howard Keith Henson) has always been a figure of some minor notoriety. He has been associated with several semi-famous projects or movements, such as space colonization, memetics, and storing people’s frozen heads. Keith is best known for his long-standing harassment of the Scientologists…..”

–Source :

Something I find interesting: Keith likes frozen, severed heads, sex with children, space travel, and memetics–yet he also is strongly against new religious movements. This guy is starting to remind me of another selectively bigoted weirdo (link)…

Tom Newton


Paul Sims Discovers Anonymous’ Pedophile Mascot
…unofficial mascot PEDOBEAR:”…found a group of around 30 people in various forms of fancy dress, among whom the average age must have been around 17. One of the first protesters I approached, a young man dressed in a pantomime

pedobearjuly-protest-19061/”ATTN: Pedobear can make an appearance at July’s protest.Trying to hug Scilons, chasing loli and general potential for lulz etcAnyway, Pedobear for London next month guys, is this awesome? Y/N” (this image

…pedobear.jpgAny expert on child predators will tell you that anyone claiming this is “satire” is giving you a weak rationalization. The manner in which they


Professional Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoo disingenuously fans the flames of hatred for Scientologists—to the tune of “Joy to the World”:

This struck me as ludicrous and totally unacceptable. Using a holiday to encourage her viewers to discriminate against Scientologists, to try and cause them to abandon their religion? What is she thinking? What kind of person tries to divide and segregate others based upon their religious preferences?

(Tory Magoo, Anti-Religion Extremist)

So, for the sake of comparison, click PLAY on the following video and, at the same time, try to contemplate the images below it. This should give you an idea of just how crazy she is for turning a beloved Christmas carol into a soundtrack for hate (In my opinion, she owes her viewers an APOLOGY):

You can learn more about Tory’s sordid past here; or learn more about her role as an “opinion leader” to the hate group known as “Anonymous” in the related posts below.

Tom Newton


…Scientology Slanders Magoo,” Tory displays what she claims is an example of “Black PR,” which was allegedly distributed around her neighborhood.Her gullible subscribers lap it all up, never asking for actual scans of the document. I suspected she was lying the moment she opened her mouth, but since I had no solid evidence, I

…Tory Magoo has taken some time off her busy schedule as a full-time Professional Anti-Scientologists to warn Anonymous about the danger represented by John McCain. Here, she compares Scientology to the Republican Party:”Most Scientologists are Republican…Vote for Obama.” –Tory Magoo

…Google Tory Magoo)Hate Speech (Google Crazy Delaney)LibelInvasions of PrivacySexual Prank CallsPerverted FaxesStalking Spying (Google Captain Adderal or Stu Wyatt)HackingTrespassingReligious PersecutionThe report will be published and made freely available on October 23rd as a

Also see:
Anti-Free Speech Activists Hiding Behind an American Flag
Infamous free-speech hating cyber-bully collective known as “Anonymous” has been spotted waving around an American flag in support of their Anti-American


12/18/08 – Masked Anti-Scientology activists brave the frigid weather to “protest” at the Los Angeles premier of “Valkyrie” at the Directors Guild on Sunset Blvd. The following film footage of Tom Cruise and film co-star Christian Berkel is by “Anonymous” member “XenuSmurf“.

My reason for posting this is that it shows just how close the masked hate group members can get to their number one despised enemy, Tom Cruise. When I watch XenuSmurf’s zooming in on Tom’s head, I cannot help but notice how “sniper-like” the view is. It’s like looking through a rifle scope:

For the record, I am not claiming that ALL “ANONYMOUS” MEMBERS ARE VIOLENT. However, it should be noted that Anonymous member Pekka-Eric Auvinen shot and killed seven students, a nurse and a teacher at Joleka High School in Finland before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life:

I also find it interesting that they are protesting an anti-Hitler film, but that’s another subject altogether….


"Bombs are planted.The cult dies on New Years Day at 12:01am GMT.You have been warned."

In the comments section of my last post, “MARK BUNKER MAKES GENERALIZATIONS ABOUT SCIENTOLOGISTS” an anonymous person has made bomb threats against the Church of Scientology:

“Bombs are planted.The cult dies on New Years Day at 12:01am GMT.You have been warned.”

A couple of comments down, the anonymous terrorist provides a few more details as to the nature of the impending attack:

“Enjoy your fail faggots. Project Chanology is going down by New Years and all be we set up the bombs.”

What is interesting about the commenter’s style is the poor grammar and conspicuous use of “Anonymous” lingo (“…fail faggots.”). This leads me to believe that an Anonymous member is making the threat, perhaps with the intention of making it appear as though a non-Anonymous is attempting to frame them.

Although Anonymous has made many enemies on the web, such as Hip-hop artists and epileptics, none of their victims have ever been known to retaliate. This leaves me very open to the possibility that perhaps Anonymous manufactured the threat to appear as though Scientology made it, therefore lending a veneer of legitimacy to their claims that the Church is dangerous. See video for Anonymous’ history of making bomb threats:

The proper authorities have been notified about the threats.



The following video features an offended Scientologist voicing his opinion about a flyer which an “Anonymous” member handed to him. Professional Anti-Scientologist Mark Bunker could not resist inserting his bias into the clip, and actually takes up the majority of it.

Keep in mind, we do not know for certain that the individual is actually a Scientologist. Only “experts” like Bunker can profess to have that kind of knowledge. Also keep in mind that Bunker is known for provoking heated responses with his confrontational brand of ambush journalism, so this incident certainly has a precedent, which Bunker conveniently left out:

PREDICATABLY (see related posts), Mark Bunker and others are already milking that video clip, and probably will for DECADES. It will serve as “proof” that ALL Scientologists are dangerous to the nearly 9000+ morons that are prepared to believe it.



Mark Bunker Calls Anonymous to Action!

…Mark no longer approves my commentary on his deeply flawed and totally biased blog, so I will just have to share my point of view here instead. In his most recent


Anti-Scientology Activist and “Anonymous” sympathizer Stuart Wyatt (pictured below) has plead guilty at Plymouth Crown Court to charges of producing and dealing illegal drugs.

Whether or not his illegal drug use fueled his Anti-Religion Extremism, his involvement with the hate group “Anonymous” is no doubt a part of what led to his arrest (see related articles below).

Mr Wyatt, aged 36, will be sentenced on January 16.



We Predicted Stu Wyatt’s Arrest

Message to Stu Wyatt

Stu Wyatt Violates Restraining Order

Anti-Free Speech Activists Hiding Behind an American Flag

Infamous free-speech hating cyber-bully collective known as “Anonymous” has been spotted waving around an American flag in support of their Anti-American activities in Clearwater, Florida this weekend:

While this tactic did not originate with “Anonymous,” it is no less transparent than when these guys used it:

Tom Newton


According to one Scientologist posting in the comments’ sections:

“Individual Scientologists inform people of Scientology in person, not on the web. They’ve no time, for the most part, being busy and successful people on the whole, to shoot the breeze about Scientology on the web.

Attackers, on the other hand, have adopted the web as a tool of choice. Some attackers had been paid significant sums of money, to do little else.Since they are obsessed with destructive intent toward Scientology, some spend every waking minute making up facts, making up identities on various boards and discussion groups, posting on blogs, etc., and produce an undending stream of hostile rhetoric about my religion.

It’s pointless to try to correct or argue with them, as to engage them only inspires them to spew more.So a tiny but vocal group tends to monopolize discussions about Scientology with negative B.S. That’s what they choose to do with their lives.”

Tom Newton