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The Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for it’s use children to further an agenda of hate:

The hate group known as “Anonymous”also drags it’s children into potentially volatile extremist activities:

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According to their own paranoid beliefs, Anonymous members must remain masked to protect themselves against Scientology “Secret Agent” harassment. Does this mean that these “parents” are willingly placing their children in what they truly believe is a dangerous situation? Yes, it does.

Which is worse?

Can you tell which is which?


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Or are they equally repulsive?

One is a fundamentalist religious sect which preaches intolerance against homosexuals and adulterers in accordance with their interpretation of Biblical teachings.

The other is a cyber-bully network turned anti-religion extremists who have an unhealthy obsession with cartoon child-porn:

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I wonder if the children who are a part of the Westboro Baptist Church actually know what a “FAG” is:

I also wonder if the children who are a part of “Anonymous” know what a “Sci-Fag” is. Or if the parents below are teaching their kids about the virtues of “PEDO-BEAR”:

<img style="width: 543px; height: 344px;" src="" alt="Photobucket” border=”0″>

Are we supposed to believe that this child is ready to perform exit counseling for any Scientologists who are ready to abandon their faith?

(Note: If his parents saw a Scientologist child standing in front of an Org carrying a sign, they would start screaming “CHILD LABOR” at the top of their lungs.)

Spring time is here, and since I don’t have any minority groups to persecute, I get to take my kids fishing.

Tom Newton

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Jun 16, 2008



"Anonymous": The Face of Liberal Fascism

“Liberal fascism” – a phrase coined by H. G. Wells, comes from a speech that H.G. Wells gave to the Young Liberals at Oxford in 1932. Wells had stated that he wanted to “assist in a kind of phoenix rebirth” of liberalism as an “enlightened Nazism.” Liberal fascism exists and “Anonymous” is one face of it. As philosopher George Carlin famously predicted:

“…when fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. Smiley-smiley.”

Anonymous, like fascism is undeniably a collectivist, leftwing phenomenon.

Jonah Goldberg, author of “Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning.” asserts that Liberal Fascism is different from fascism of the past because today’s left are pacifists rather than militarists, who plan to nanny, not to bully. He warns that this method can be just as politically hazardous:

“Simply because the nanny state wants to hug you doesn’t mean it’s not tyrannical when you don’t want to be hugged,” —Jonah Goldberg.

Consider that statement as you watch this Anonymous “HUG” Raid, in which they try to convert Scientologists away from their chosen religion with “FREE HUGS”:

(Biblicallly speaking, “Legion” was a host of demons who were cast into the bodies of PIGS)

Would YOU accept a hug from someone who stated an intention to destroy your religion? Personally, I’d fight tooth and claw against such an empty and misleading gesture….

Tom Newton

"Anonymous" Hate Group to be BLACKLISTED in Australia

As is being widely reported in the press, Anonymous’ websites are saturated with simulated child porn, “rape-toons”, extreme “porno-gore”, racist propaganda, and other filth. For over a year, I have been warning the public about the awful materials which Anonymous actively proliferates in the name of “free speech”.

As reported at, a home base of ‘Anonymous’ is listed among “2,395 other websites which are considered unsuitable for Australian internet audiences.

(…ACMA provides the ACMA blacklist to the fourteen providers of filter software which have been tested and accredited by the Internet Industry Association (IIA), as part of IIA’s Family Friendly Filter scheme. ACMA is discussing with the IIA what if any action it may need to take to help ensure that ACMA’s list remain secure….)

ANONYMOUS’ plan to spread Pedophile Culture and normalize the rape of children has been formally announced to the world thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Anonymous’ mascot is a costumed child rapist known as “Pedo-bear.”

Recently, they issued a collective threat to use “9000 penises” to engage in child molestation on a massive scale:

It’s all sick beyond belief. I pray that similar measures are taken against them here in the United States next. Many states ban the protesting of other well known hate groups, such as the Westboro Baptist Church. Why shouldn’t Anonymous be subject to the same standards of decency?

I bring up the Westboro Baptist Church because they originated the hate slogan “AIDS: Kills Fags Dead”, which also appears at Anonymous’ attack site

I recently emailed a prominent Anonymous member and spokesperson about that particular website, but I have not received any response. Not that I expect one. These cowards are very desperate to keep the nature of their websites a secret from the media. It’s one of the main reasons why they are trying to shut me up….

Tom Newton

The "Angry Gay Pope" Getting Paid to Hate

Formerly anonymous Anonymous member, Donald Myers has absolutely no standards and no sense of shame. He belongs to an elite sect of Anonymous members who have gone public with their real names in order to advance their personal agendas at the expense of the rest of the group.

Although now a public figure, he continues pimping Anonymous for all it’s worth, using his website at to raise money for himself. These donations allow him to continue attention whoring on a full time basis.

Donald quickly gained noteriety by making himself into a public nuisance by sexually harassing male and female Scientologists until he was issued a restraining order.In addition to his intimidating “protesting” tactics, Donald has recently resorted to petty acts of vandalism and libelous attacks against various law enforcement officers. As another Anonymous spokesperson put it:

“I think AGP does more harm than good many times and I did tell him he was trespassing and told his attorney he does no one any good with such antics...Some people don’t get it.“– Mark Bunker

One of the things I find unsettling is about Donald is that he does not disclose the amounts of money he is receiving for being “Anonymous”, nor has he offered to assist in the legal defenses of Jacob Speregen or Samed Almahadin, aka Matt Connor , the two Anonymous members who vandalized a Church with Vaseline and shaved pubic hairs. One would think that a high profile activist would choose to help others who are running into legal problems fighting against a common enemy.

But no. Instead, it would seem that, like most leaderless terrorist organizations, Anonymous has it’s expendables and isn’t afraid to use them.

Tom Newton


“You have a cute ass by the way”–Donald Myers to Scientology Security guard (a MALE!),

Mar 1, 2009


Militant gay activist Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Myers* (see below) was cited by police for misdemeanor vandalism


One of the difficulties inherent in documenting the hate crimes of Anonymous is their elusive nature. As a leaderless terrorist organization, they are experts at dodging responsibility. This lack of accountability is behind the increases we are seeing in the overall aggressiveness of the group’s actions, both online and in the streets.

So I have this idea. I am going isolate those Anonymous members who have renounced their anonymity for the sake of e-fame and hold them accountable for explaining the actions of the group.

To begin, I am going to ask Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Myers to give me his opinion about an article contained on one of Anonymous’ attack sites, The Angry Gay Pope has his own article on that website so I know that he can’t claim to not know what I am talking about, as most anonymous Anonymous members do. Here is the email I am sending to the AGP ( :

Hello Donald,

I would like your opinion on something I found on one of Anonymous’ attack sites. Please tell me if the following article is SATIRE, as the site’s contributors maintain, or if it’s HATE SPEECH:

“AIDS is God’s way of saying “Fuck You”. It stands for Anally-Inflicted Death Sentence and “S.I.D.A.” in French, meaning “Sauvagement Introduit Dans l’Anus” (Savagely introduced into the anus). AIDS is the politically correct term for GRIDS, Gay Cancer and The Ebonic Plague and is proof that God hates fags and niggers because all niggers have AIDS.”
—- Source:

Also, I would like to know what you think about this prank, also from the same article:

“Go up to a person with AIDS and say I’ve got a hilarious joke for you! What is the cure for AIDS?. They will most likely respond with THERE’S A CURE FOR AIDS?!?!. You then respond: jk lol. You’re totally fucked.”

—- Source:

As a prominent member of Anonymous, your opinion is important.

Thanks for your time.

Your Friend,

Tom Newton

You can learn more about the Angry Gay Pope at his website,

Tom Newton

Anonymous Members Lying To The Public About Issac Hayes

“When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.”

–Winston Churchill

In their war against the members of the Church of Scientology, Anonymous effectively uses ill-informed gossip as a weapon.By “innocently” feeding damaging lies to the media and to people on the streets, they are able to damage the reputation of the Church and its members.

One Cleveland based Anonymous hate group member gives own account of this insidious tactic:

“…My sign said “Scientology Kills”. He asks me who Scientology killed…he seems interested, as he sat on the sidewalk, rolling a cigerette. Thinking he’s kind of musically inclined (like all hippies) i ask him if he ever heard of Isaac Hayes. I tell him Isaac died from a stroke that could of been prevented with medication that Scientology wouldn’t let him take.”


These same hypocrites frequently accuse the Church of Scientology of engaging in this very same tactic, only then, they call it “Black Propaganda.”

Tom Newton

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Sep 12, 2008


“Controversial Jack,” an extremely hostile member of Anonymous performed a solo “protest” in Austin, TX on September 11. He was flaunting the following image, accusing Scientologists of having killed Isaac Hayes:

KESQ-TV Supports Anti-Religion Extremists

KESQ-TV reporter Nathan Baca took a decidedly anti-Scientology stance when he had the opportunity to interview the Church of Scientology’s spokesperson Tommy Davis. Rather than taking the opportunity to enlighten the public about the controversial religion, Nathan Baca proceeded to bash Tommy Davis over the head with as much of the anti-Scientology propaganda to be found on the Internet as he could during the twenty five minute interview, while categorically dismissing the evidence of Anonymous’ cyber-terrorism and hate crimes because the printed report on the hate group was itself published “anonymously”.

During the attack-disingenuously-disguised-as-an-interview, Nathan Baca gleefully raked up all the wonderfully entertaining bits of libelous hate speech intended to demean the religion and normalize the practice of ridiculing the members of the Church.To those of us who are familiar with the histories of Anonymous and the Anti-Scientology Racketeers, it’s obvious that Nathan Baca was either an unwitting dupe, or a willing accomplice with a personal agenda.

I suspect the latter, as he intentionally waited until after the interview during the closing remarks of the segment, to suggest to his fellow journalists and viewers that Scientology’s teachings should be found hateful and offensive to Muslims, Jews and Christians. Pathetically, Anonymous members are already enshrining Baca as a hero, over at the Why WeProtest Forums.

Personally, I think that Nathan
Baca should apologize to his viewers for trying to incite religious bigotry. You may email him at I know I will.

Tom Newton

KESQ-TV: Scientology Investigation #3

This one is interesting: KESQ-TV reporter Nathan Baca has obviously fallen into step with the anti-Scientology propagandists’ version of reality. He seems to think that Anonymous members have nothing to do with “Nigger Manuals”, “Simulated Cartoon Child Porn”, “Pedophiles in Bear Costumes”, “Gorey Holocaust Imagery”, prank calls, death threats, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, disseminating anti-Semitic propaganda, encouraging suicide, torturing cats, smearing public hair and Vaseline around the inside of a Church, mailing gay pornography to a teenager who started a “no cussing” club, etc

Part four will feature an interview with Tommy Davis, who has spoken out against the hate group in the past:

Tom Newton

KESQ-TV: Scientology Investigation #2

KESQ-TV looks into the Church of Scientology. This follows the installment that aired the previous night focusing in on the Anonymous protests outside of Scientology headquarters near Hemet, CA. Three more parts will follow:

The next part will focus on what many have termed the

Tom Newton

KESQ on Anonymous’ "War Against Scientologists"

Here is part one of Palm Springs station KESQ’s coverage Anonymous’ “War on Scientology”:

Tom Newton


Feb 7, 2009