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“Anon-Orange,” one of Anonymous’ more prominent members, was jailed today. At first, I was inclined to believe that the fifty-something activist was just an overzealous “attention-whore”, as described by a majority of Anonymous.

After carefully examining the events surrounding his arrest, however, a different picture emerged. Anon-Orange and his rabid side-kick “Xenu-Barb” have been trying to instigate violence for months, ostensibly to gain mainstream media attention. They want the public to view the Church of Scientology as an evil totalitarian organization which will stop at nothing to silence its critics.

What I have uncovered is nothing less than a conspiracy. The “Old Guard” anti-Scientology activists specifically planned to defame Scientology by provoking events like the one which resulted in the arrest of “Anon-Orange”.

It’s simple. They provoke, and they film. Then, they selectively edit the video footage and spread it around the Internet. They do this knowing that the mainstream press doesn’t care, and therefore, only Anonymous’ perspective will be popularized.

This tactic has paid off. Hundreds, if not thousands of Anonymous members actually believe that what happened to Anon-Orange was an injustice, which they take as indicative of Scientology’s supposed “bad treatment of critics”.

They in turn pass their paranoia on to the public.

This accumulated propaganda lends credence to the existing negative stereotypes which these “activists” are constantly parroting. It’s an ugly cycle, and I hope the arrest of Anon-Orange is enough to expose these methodologies for what they are: a concerted attempt to defame and scapegoat Scientologists.

They don’t call Anonymous “The Internet Hate Machine” for nothing, and one can see why the Anti-Scientology activists were so quick to hijack Anonymous for their own destructive hate campaign:

Tom Newton



Several months ago, fifty-five year old Anonymous member “Anon-Orange” (see below) screamed out “..FUCK YOU!” into the face of a security guard patrolling the perimeter of the Church of Scientology’s Gold Base. The guards had repeatedly warned “Anon-Orange” that he was indeed trespassing, and clearly didn’t expect such a heated response.

As per their standard operating procedure, the security guard necessarily detained “Anon-Orange” for trespassing and for acting aggressively.

Strangely, the videos which surfaced onto at the time of the incident neglected to show the provocative “…FUCK YOU!” which precipitated the arrest:

The videos which surfaced made it appear as though the arrest was in violation of his rights. Evidentally, this is the spin which Anonymous seeks to perpetuate. They want you to see “Scientology Bad Guys” attacking “Anonymous Good Guys”.

So today, Anon-Orange just released his own footage, which sheds more light on the issue. Namely, that Anon-Orange provoked the attack. There’s nothing new about this. Anon-Orange has a history of this kind of thing. So does the overzealous “Xenu-Barb”, who later joins in the fray in a misguided attempt to create more drama. Also worth noting: she is also in her mid-fifties.

It seems that whenever the hate-based bandwagon calling itself “Anonymous” runs out of drama, they send in some of the older, more experienced anti-Scientology activists to stir some up. Many people are saying that these same older activists have actually hi-jacked the movement for their own cause. I’d have to say, I agree 100%.

Here is Anon-Orange’s damning footage. This is just one example of the “Old Guard” activists manipulating the younger, general membership of “Anonymous” into actually believing that they even have an enemy:

As the movement dies down, we can all expect to see more publicity stunts like this one.

Tom Newton

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Earlier this month, Anonymous members broke into a Church and smeared clumps of “toe nails and pubic hair” all over the furniture, using Vaseline to make it stick. Samed Almahadin, aka Matt Connor was arrested and charged with a hate crime.

Today, Jacob Speregen, 21, of Brooklyn, was charged aggravated harassment and criminal mischief for helping out. Jacob is the one who videotaped the disgusting acts. According to police, Speregen and Almahadin are members of Anonymous, the “shadowy, Internet-based anti-Scientology group.”

Tom Newton


Gross. A half naked, vasoline slicked Anonymous member covers himself in the pubic hair of the rest of the guys—before sneaking into the back door of a Church of Scientology, and “dry humping” a pile of books, smearing vasoline, toe nails, and pubic hairs all over it.


Anonymous and other anti-Scientology extremists lie. They work very hard to perpetuate certain stereotypes, and then set about manufacturing “evidence” to support their fabrications.

For example, professional anti-Scientologist and Anonymous agitator Tommy Gorman has over 170 videos on his channel. In 157 of his videos, Gorman talks about the “suspicious white vans” driving by his house:

Strangely, Tommy never bothers to go outside to investigate. Ever. Here’s an example of Tommy gossiping, lying, slandering, and fabricating:

Pathetically, the Anonymous members who religiously watch this kook’s videos are oblivious to his total lack of supporting evidence. Where’s the police report? Where are the photographs?

And before you give Tommy the benefit of the doubt, take a look at the related post to read about a recent stunt he and his wife pulled, in an ill-conceived plot to gather more support for their hate campaign.

Tom Newton


Acting like a thug and harassing members of a religious minority doesn’t bring Tommy Gorman the attention it used to, so he has resorted to lying and scapegoating…..”


Anonymous gained world wide notoriety with their coordinated attacks on Church of Scientology owned websites. Unfortunately for Dmitriy Guzner, 18, of Verona, New Jersey, the FBI takes these kinds of things very seriously. He is facing up to ten years in prison.

Ten years for a crime which, in my opinion, harmed no one. In fact, I think there is something very wrong if this kid is imprisoned for this, since after all, he didn’t act alone. His involvement with Anonymous is well documented, and should not be underappreciated.

His actions would not have occurred without the “mob” egging it on. Furthermore, without Professional Instigators like Mark Bunker, it is unlikely that the hacker-gang would have been whipped up into such a frenzy when “Project Chanology” was declared:

(note the mask)


“…Indigenous to the demagogue’s extensive use of unidimensionality has been the common practice of scapegoating: the hostile targeting of select groups for condemnation and blame. Important to note is that these groups may be identified by ethnicity, race, or religion, of course, but just as easily by political ideology…Akin to the notional convenience of scapegoats is the historiographical concept of the “Other”: those Americans, as Southern historian Sheldon Hackney described them, standing “in opposition to a presumed American norm.” As such, they are easy targets…” — P.M. Carpenter, “What Qualifies as Demagoguery?”

In my opinion, Mr. Bunker qualifies as a demagogue, and perhaps even shares some level of responsibility for the fate of Dmitriy Guzner.

Tom Newton


“Anonymous” has a long history of protesting censorship on the Internet. Since early 2008, video sharing website has been a major focal point in their “WAR ON SCIENTOLOGISTS.” Their war itself was triggered by’s removal of a Tom Cruise video, which Anonymous felt was rightfully the property of the “Internets“.

This is what makes their current project all the more hypocritical. They are currently trying to suppress the following video, which draws a comparison between the religious persecution of Scientologists with that of the Jews:

The Anonymous member who initiated this action displayed a clear disdain for Jews as well as Scientologists, as evidenced by the title of their posting at

$cilons attack “Stop” banner via JewTube

Anonymous members plan to “…Man the poons to get this video removed” from what they know as “JEW-TUBE” (Anonymous’ rabid Antisemitism is well documented).

So if the video is not there when you click play, then you’ll know that Anonymous’ “FAIR GAME” tactics are being used to the fullest extent.

Tom Newton


The anti-Scientology activist group “Anonymous”, led by Professional anti-Scientologist Mark Bunker, irate homosexual anti-religion extremist Donald Myers, and full time hate group propagandist (spammer) “xenu-barb”, can be seen here engaging in what appears to be a systematic effort to push the buttons of local law enforcement and the staff of the Church of Scientology’s Gold Base:

Celebrating the death of anyone is a rather shocking proposition. At least to those of us who cherish and respect the sanctity of human life. According to Anonymous’ own writings, however, the notion of celebrating the death of another person is pretty consistent with their corrupt worldview:

Anonymous Manifesto of Philosophic Condition
To fear us is to fear everything. To not fear us is suicide.
Anonymous has achieved a persona.
Anthropologists would call it a “death cult”.
We have subjugated our individuality for our thirst for hatred.
Anonymous moves as a force of nature. Our thirst grows.
You will never know when we are watching. We have shattered lives.
We are always close to you. We are in each stranger’s face.
We are the itch that humanity will scratch into an infected, pus filled open sore.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.

Tom Newton


Anonymous members have successfully terrified their number one enemy, Tom Cruise:

According to Parade, he is now living in a separate home from his family and they travel in “bomb proof vehicles.”

For months now, Anonymous members have been working to penetrate Tom’s personal security detail, and last week they got his attention by doing just that:

But I guess the real question is: does Tom Cruise have something to fear? Is Anonymous a threat to his life? Well obviously not ALL of them are dangerous. Anonymous is a collective of individuals. It would be senseless to take the actions of a few and paint the whole group with those actions.

But we aren’t talking about the types of antics which involve Vaseline and pubic hair. Even the infamous racist hate attacks Anonymous launched against several major hip hop websites was obviously the work of a few dedicated “bad apples.” What Cruise is concerned about is the possibility of violence.

Even though ALL Anonymous members aren’t like these “bad apples,” doesn’t mean that Tom is any safer. It only takes one.

Tom Newton


Anonymous is a hate group. For proof of this, look no further than the masks they wear. In public statements, Anonymous has made it abundantly clear that their organization feels a need to wear masks for their own protection.

They claim to believe that Scientologists will stalk and harass them if their identities become known. This claim, however, is a bold faced lie.

Anonymous members know that they aren’t in any danger. In fact, many of their members have NEVER worn masks because, in some cities, masked protests are simply not allowed. If they were in any danger don’t you think something would have happened by now? And isn’t it curious that Anonymous had their paranoia in place before the initial protest?

This point in particular reinforces my belief that Anonymous is organized by a small group individuals who understand the mob mentality. For example, consider Black Friday:

The early morning shoppers who camp out in front of the malls are not necessarily “ordered” to be there by the store managers. Without the store managers and their tireless campaigns to gain more shoppers there would be no sale. The shoppers would not spontaneously sense a collective need for lower prices, and then rally together to organize a sale on their own.

However, if you were to ask any shopper there if any of the other shoppers were involved in “organizing” their collective shopping spree, you’d get the same reaction that I get when I accuse Anonymous of just following their leaders: resentment and hostility.

But back to the masks: at, Anonymous members are discussing various ways to modify their masks for comfort:

This underscores my point. A band wagon has more to do with conformity and uniforms than in the exchange of any real ideas. If they had any intention of bridging the chasm between their movement and the religion of Scientology, they would not be treating their masks like a permanent fixture.

I was researching the history of masked hate groups (pretty much all of them wear masks) and discovered that there is a growing market for hate group accouterments. Interestingly enough, the issue of mask breathability has already been addressed by the same people who brought us the “ninja”:

Described as “…creepily reminiscent of Jason in Friday the 13th, these Japanese masks…tighten and make your pores microscopic.” They are also said to “…provide ample anonymity for psychotic, law-breaking fun…”

Tom Newton


Note the sign they place behind his head at 0:30; I enhanced the still shot so you can clearly read what they wrote:

As if labeling this man a “FAG” and posting a video of it on the Internet isn’t bad enough, the Youtube account holder “anon93752” also asks for the personal data of this Scientologist in a “dox” request.

And just where did they learn these “protest tactics”? From the “Old Guard Critics” of Scientology, of course. The “OG,” as they are known, for all intents and purposes, are leaders to the cyber-activists. In this next video, Tory Magoo brags about shutting down a Dianetics display:

“..We ended up shutting them down…they were down..Good job, Anonymous! I love you all!” —Tory Magoo, after leading an
“Anonymous” protest:

In this one, she acts offended when she is asked to leave a Dianetics display. Later, the manipulative hate group members used this video to “prove” that Scientologists are bad people who hate their critics:

It’s important to pay attention to what Anonymous says, but it’s equally important to watch what they do. If you only see what they want you to see, in the context which they provide, then you would get the idea that Anonymous is a spontaneous uprising of clever anti-heros using the internet to fight for justice against an oppressive totalitarian regime, and not the bored, Tom Cruise-obsessed cyber-bullies you’ll find in the comments below…

Tom Newton