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Acting like a thug and harrassing members of a religious minority doesn’t bring Tommy Gorman the attention it used to, so he has resorted to lying and scapegoating:

“…on august 22 2008 when we were on vacation our hotel room was broken in to and ransacked but the weird part was on the tv and mirror had the letters SP on them with shaving cream so security and cops come to the room. Tommy Gorman”

It may not be obvious at first (the “Blair-Witch” style camera movements effectively render most of the footage absolutely useless) but what you are looking at is a freshly “ransacked” hotel room. And in this picture, you will see two things:

1) Tommy Gorman flexing for Paul Fetch

2) The letters “SP” on the mirror

The “SP” lettering could easily have been done by Tommy himself, or possibly by his wife. This isn’t a new tactic for Tommy–he’s been imagining “white OSA vans” since he first starting video blogging. Although Jennifer may not be the camera whore he is, she certainly seems to pull her own weight in these productions–so I think it’s perfectly reasonable to think that she has a part in this. Unlike Anonymous however, I will actually take the time to substantiate my claims. In this case, I will prove to you, using simple handwriting analysis, that TOMMY GORMAN’s WIFE wrote SP on the mirror and television–and not some shadowy OSA agent.

Compare the “SP” in this image with the “SP” on the mirror above. I know for a fact that Tommy’s wife shaved those letters onto his head:

Same handwriting. Same two people involved. Same agenda. The average reader may be wondering: who is gullible enough to take Tommy Gorman seriously? Well apparently Anonymous is. These are just a few comments from Tommy’s youtube channel:

Redshift21 “It strikes me that the hotel may well have CCTV that you could take a look at to see if you recognise any faces of Scilon PI’s from protests you’ve been to.”

xenuke “Obviously trying to intimidate you Tommy. This only shows once again how insane hubbard was and how gullable the members of $ci are. Who in their right mind would think that this was ok to do to someone? I hope they leave you alone but I would be on guard if I was you Tommy. Apart from the shaving cream that room looks like my brothers room …. after he has cleaned up…. lol.”

uneXskcuS “All it means is you are winning Tommy. Fuck those scifags. We know their days are numbered. “

badrug12 “dude to hell with that…. i would have to punch a bitch for breaking into my room and goin though my shit like that”

The only thing left unanswered by Tommy’s latest drama is the meaning of that cryptic lettering. Although I’m pretty sure the “S” stands for “STUPID,” I’ll have to do some more research before I say anything.

Tom Newton

ps. The comment by “badrug12” is an interesting addition, considering that he’s the Anonymous member who burned Scientology books and videotaped it.This proves that HATE IS CONTAGIOUS.



Now this is the reason why Anonymous is feared, even by it’s own members:

I for one, am sick of Anonmyous getting away with their cyber-stalking….

Tom Newton


You learned it from us first:

Anonymous is an international group dedicated to destroying Scientology. Its public face is a group of young adults who picket the churches around the world wearing masks and costumes. The most common mask in the US and the UK is the Guy Fawkes mask from the movie V is for Vendetta. In Germany, the image is far more ominous. More and more often the imagery used is from the Nazi movement of the 1930s and ยด40s and sometimes mixed with Islamists from the Middle East.”

“If one goes to the Encyclopedia Dramatica online and looks through their alphabetical listing “Heil Lutz” will appear. Clicking on that link will take the curious to a page with a film of a WWII Nazi march”


Portland Anonymous Reports This Blog To Law Enforcement

To Whom It May Concern:

I am exercising my freedom of speech. If you have a problem with that, then you can go f*** yourself.

Tom Newton

"ANGRY GAY POPE" Going To Court: AUGUST 29, 2008

August 29 court date; Thursday downtown LA.

Another “Anonymous” hate activist is being shut down by the authorities. The self identified “Angry Gay Pope” has been ordered off the streets by the LAPD. He is usually seen harassing local Scientologists with his “GoatSe Pose”, as seen here:

“Tom Cruise is a closeted Gay guy with coke issues. So what?
That’s not blackmailworthy, this is Hollywood!”

— Angry Gay Pope

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Woman Hating “Anonymous” Nearly Arrested


Anonymous is scared of its own shadow. The other night, I was viewing the videos of one of Anonymous’ would-be/ wanna-be leaders: Boris Korczak:

Boris has long been considered by myself and the other contributors of this blog, to be Project Chanology’s leading purveyor of paranoia. The following video is just a snippet of the “advice” he has to offer:

I took the trouble to translate some of the more intelligible portions of it (there wasn’t much to work with) :

“…EX Secret Service , FBI..some of them still on contracts…they still do the protective G-Man services for the President, for dignitaries, for visting dignitaries, some of them are member or former agents of the US Secret Services…….AWWA, CIA, ACWA, ……just to name a few…Chances are…they are the ones who might–spike the reports that the persecuted members of the SP club and Anonymous …spiked reports witin the FBI, the Police Department and the others….this people..spying on you….are of a high quality and I dont doubt– high pay…I’ve heard of SPs burglaries and documents stolen….professional jobs, with no fingerprints….it tells you one thing—the Cult is desperate….the Cult is losing……….”

Just to illustrate a point, I asked one of this blogs’ former contributors to send Boris an email. We agreed that it might be useful to ascertain whether this prominent voice in the Anonymous movement is just another harmless, Magoo-esque kook, or a brooding, fire-breathing hate monger, a la Bunker:

He received the following response within hours:

And finally, here are a couple samples–out of the hundreds of Paranoid Responses to Boris’ posting of this email exchange–to be found on

“ClearWaterAnon” wrote:

“I think they stalked him because he worked for them, but was not one of them. So they wanted to make sure he didn’t meet any Anonymous (which is stupid, what kind of an idiot actually tries to meet Anonymous in person if you work for the opposition?).”

RSK wrote:

“Honestly, the ip addie didn’t really tell me anything one way or the other. Nothing strange pops up so we’re at square one still. I would post the I.P. but my dad wants to keep the senders anonymity just in case the guy/gal is on the level. Anonymous does not feed ANYONE to OSA and we don’t drop dox on people to the CUlt either.”

This little experiment just offers more proof that Anonymous is being misled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is not the first time this blog has been instrumental in exposing the tactics used by duplicitous Professional Anti-Scientologists–and it won’t be the last.

Tom Newton

My Experience at an Anonymous Meeting Site

Disgusting. There is something seriously wrong with Anonymous’ commitment to smut. As you can see from the following advertisement on, the perversity contained within Anonymous’ meeting websites (the “chans”) has the full support of the anti-Scientologists outside of Anonymous as well:

I took a look at and searched in vain for any sign of intelligent life. All I found was gore, porn, gory porn, and various “Anons” engaging in what can only be described as a “cyber-circle jerk”.

Total scumbags, all of them.

One particularly disgusting worm, going by the name “Anonyless” posted this gem:

What scares me is that he actually found someone to photograph his gross, fat, misshapen body.

The only posts not related to pornography or masturbation were the ones where the personal data of Scientologists are being posted. This only reinforces my commitment to identifying members of Anonymous and reporting them to the proper authorities.

I believe I’ll focus on Clearwater Anons next, just for LULZ.

Tom Newton


“…it is the formation of groups within virtual spaces that then spill-out into real-space that could become a significant feature of the 21st century security picture.

“This is happening with, ‘Project Chanology’ a group that was formed virtually with some elements of the Anonymous movement in order to disrupt the Church of Scientology. While Project Chanology began as a series of cyber actions directed at Scientology’s website, it is now organizing legal protests of Scientology buildings. A shift from the virtual to the real.

“A more sinister take on this is the alleged actions of the Patriotic Nigras – a group dedicated to the disruption of Second Life, which has reportedly taken to using the tactic of ‘swatting’ – which is the misdirection of armed police officers to a victim’s home address. A disturbing spill-over into real-space.

Therefore, whatever pattern future terrorist movements follow, there are signs that religion will play a peripheral rather than central role.”


Reclaim Anonymous Militia: "F*** THE O.G.!" …"DEBUNK MARK BUNKER!"

The “Reclaim Anonymous Militia” is openly opposing the “Old Guard” critics of Scientology. Read what they have to say:

brenz75 said…

“Bunker has let the wise beard man thing go to his head. His last few vlogs were disappointing. Posting a video of him autographing a woman’s chest was just vain and should never have been posted. We are looking for change not fame. The issues are too serious and important. Anonymous should not allow one man’s giant ego to marginalize the cause! Marc Bunker needs to be debunked.”

Madcap said…

Xenutv has some great videos but some of bunkers videos asking crazy mary out on a date, autographing a breast are just silly! How does this help expose Miscaivage and Scientology?”

AnoNotAmused said…

“It doesn’t help expose $cilontology, it helps them lay the foundation to their upcoming (doubtless) book deals. FUCK THIS, I’m fighting all whackjobs IN A UFO CULT!! I don’t think people who stay in $cilontology are “good people at heart” and I don’t fucking think playing pattycake is the fucking answer. I don’t plan to be here til I’m as fucking old as Bunker or Tory. I expect this shit to be OVER and that’s not gonna happen listening to ex’s rationalize how good the tech is and how harmless their family members who are still in and actively plotting the end of the world are. FUCK THIS LIBERALIZATION SHIT AND FUCK THE OG!”

The Reclaim Anonymous Militia has also issued the following letter to Professional Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoop:


“Dear Tory:

We, the faceless members of anonymous do recognize and commend your years of efforts and successes in fighting the Scientology cult. We are appreciative of the support you have given to the chanology effort.

However, this does not exempt you from being responsible for your actions. Your recent behavior concerning the Thunder dome and Tommy Gorman incidents have given us an opportunity to observe certain character traits that admittedly few of us had really suspected.

Specifically, your deceitful and manipulative ways. It is now clear to us that although you have left the Cult of Scientology and protest against them there is still far too much Hubbard Tech floating around in your brain.

We could overlook this in light of your 30 years in the cult, however, we cannot overlook your utilization of tech against members of anonymous. Specifically, you have used Dianetics against one of our members. You have lied about the situation, manipulated those who care about you, and shown a lack of remorse for anything other than getting caught. You have unrepentantly and hypocritically used the very LRH tech you claim to so abhor.

This has resulted in another long time Scientology protester bull baiting a member of anonymous and issuing threats of real life violence. This has jeopardized the movement and created numerous schisms. This is completely unacceptable. We will not forgive this, nor will we forget. Henceforth your quasi-celebrity status within anonymous is terminated. We will no longer offer you aid in any form. The time of anonymous giving you financial aid for travel is at an end.

The time of anonymous spreading your videos and story virally is at an end. The time of Anonymous spreading the red carpet to you wherever you go is at an end. At this time no apology or restitution is possible nor desired. You have already wasted your oppurtunity to make amends for dead agenting an Anonymous. Your pathetic attempts at a weak and insincere apology smacks of attempts to… “sweep this under the rug”. This is a tactic utilized by Scientologists, not by anonymous.

Your belated apology is moreover an insult to the intellect of rational people. You are still welcome to appear at Anonymous protests and pickets and we will not ask you to leave. You are a useful tone 40 face for the media, (although not the only one in the LA area) and we recognize that. However, we recommend that in your future contacts with the media you learn to keep your story straight. Instead of being a beloved person to us, you are now just a resource, and one that must be monitored carefully. Your actions have caused this outcome, and nothing else.

In recognition of your long years of campaigning against the Scientology cult we issue you this fair warning. Should you ever seek to persecute, manipulate, or request money from Anonymous ever again we shall call down the full power of the Internet hate machine upon you. You needn’t doubt the veracity of this statement. Our more chaotic elements… (the *chans especially) would consider you to be the juiciest lulz cow to be offered up in some time.

You are a juicy target because you possess an overinflated sense of self-importance combined with paranoia and overreactionary ways, traits that are prevalent within the cult of Scientology. We respectfully suggest that you seek professional help in properly deprogramming yourself, as it appears you still have a long way to go before you can declare yourself healthy. Else, you may one day learn the true meaning behind many of our “lulzier” slogans.



We do not forgive.

We do not forget.”

Tom Newton

ps. Although I support the mission of the Reclaim Anonymous Milita as far as it exposes the deceitful leaders of Anonymous, I do not support their plan to victimize Tory Magoo by “turning her into a ‘lulzcow,’ whatever that is…

"Neo-Anon" Leading The Resistance Against "XenuTV"

Since it’s inception, Project Chanology has always been about one thing:


Professional Anti-Scientologists know exactly what they are doing. They are preaching doctrines they know to be untrue to audiences that are–to be blunt—ignorant. This tactic is also known as :


All Professional Anti-Scientologists are liars, cheats, frauds, failures, and bigots. Seriously. Ask yourself–do ANY of them contribute anything beyond HATE? No. All the “love” that they supposedly have for Anonymous–is actually directed at their wallets, figuratively speaking.

Although many Anonymous members may not be donating money (many do), ALL of them are earning money for the PAS’s by visiting websites, acting as volunteer ministers/ marketers, and of course, they click on all those banner ads.

If you found yourself questioning the very basis of this entire hate-based bandwagon, you aren’t the only one. Project Chanology is 100% Grade A Bullshit. A Farce. It’s like the KKK. No difference–although they try very hard to disguise it. They are calling ME a stalker, after they threatened to rape and murder Paul Fetch’s mother–and uploaded the “prank call” video onto youtube (it has since been removed.)

Every mask wearing Anonymous is ignorant. They are ignorant of the REAL reason they are hiding their faces (just a hint: “Fair Game” is a myth).:

They hide their faces because they know that what they are doing is stupid, ignorant, and intolerant. It would be difficult to reconcile a professed love of freedom for oneself, with overtly hateful and spiteful attacks on others–for not going along with the herd (a very anti-freedom stance if you ask me). The mask helps diffuse the sense of cognitive dissonance and conceals the blatant hypocracy under a “mask” of “saving cult members.”
This will sound foreign to Anonymous members since they don’t know they are pawns. They actually believe that their REGULARLY SCHEDULED MONTHLY PROTESTS ARE UNPLANNED….THAT THEY ARE NOT ORGANIZED.

There is a very simple equation which explains ALL of it:


–Tom Newton

ps– I am going to Drop Dox EVERY DAY until both “Rogue Galleries” are removed…