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An Anonymous member going by the moniker Zodiac-Platonic has been sending cryptic death threats to Scientologists in Fairfield, Connecticut. In one of his letters, he makes references to “The Most Dangerous Game,” which is also said to have been an inspiration to the Zodiac Killer:

…i like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game

“…it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girlwhen I die I will be reborn in paradise and all the I have killed will become my slaves…”

“…I will not give you my name because you will try to sloi down or atop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife ebeo riet emeth hpiti…”

This is not the first time an Anonymous member has made death threats, nor will it be the last. Death threats are a standard part of their modus operandi:

I do find it worrisome, however, that an Anonymous member could make threats like these and not be reported by any of the others who belong to the same social network. They report ME to the FBI for writing “mean things” on this blog, but turn a blind eye to the criminals in their midst…

Tom Newton

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Federal Criminal Investigation Pending…Anonymous has been commiting hate crimes using the internet as a weapon.




“How much do you suppose bail is? Because I’d willingly get arrested.”

Mark Bunker, Anti Scientologist, moments before getting arrested.

Mark Bunker and Douglass Owens will not be charged for trespassing at the Church of Scientology compound outside San Jacinto. According to prosecutors, there was insufficient evidence to file charges after Mark Bunker and Douglas Owens were arrested and released Feb. 24 for blocking the driveway of Golden Era Studios on Gilman Springs Road.

These two con-men know exactly what they are doing. This is a standard tactic employed by all established “critics” of the Church of Scientology. It’s a slippery, slimy thing to do. It works like this:

Critic becomes a nuisance. Critic goes to jail. Critic becomes martyr.
Critic released.

This cycle is repeated as frequently as necessary to provide the illusion that the Church is litigious, and to lend credibility to the agitators and their campaign of hate. This is clearly an abuse of the legal system, and is just one example of the duplicity and hypocrisy of these self-identified critics.

Several anonymous sources have indicated that the real reason the charges were dropped is that Mark Bunker got the
the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) involved. Scientology knew that if they maintained their position that Mark Bunker was blocking the driveway, they could expect a NAFFA backed discrimination suit in retaliation:

This ruse will continue as long as gutless reporters like KESQ-TV’s Nathan Baca fail to wrap their minds around the fact that Anti-Scientology Activism is a criminal racket. Pathetically, these underpaid, self-serving so-called journalists opt for sensationalism over substance, taking everything the “critics” say as truth. Lies beget more lies and the deception continues.

Tom Newton

A Letter to Tom Newton

“Hello, you don’t know me but i am the artist that photoshoped the picture of lydia fultz (the third one you posted.)

that picture is a copy writed piece of artwork. you have reproduced it here without permission or monetary compensation to the artist.

you have two choices here.

you can pay me the $2000 value i have now placed on the piece of art (and the right to use said material freely)

or you can remove it. also the address you listed as belonging to lydia fultz is MINE. not hers. i subleased her apartment MONTHS AGO. if you do not remove my address from this page immediately i will be forced to

1) take it up with blogger, and

2) see what legal recourse i have in this matter as well. “

Dear Anonymous Photoshop Amateur,

You shouldn’t have leased your image to an anti-religion extremist who is persecuting members of the Church of Scientology, ostensibly for doing exactly what you are doing to me: threatening to hit people over the head with copyright laws. The way I see it, YOU have two choices:

1) You can send me a cease and desist letter, from your attorney, explaining why you think I should take the image down.

2) You can ask your friend Lydia Fultz to delete the thread she started at the Anonymous planning site where she posted the personal details of several innocent Scientologists, knowingly exposing them to the cyber-bully tactics of the hate group.

I would suggest you go with #2. When I receive cease and desist letters, I generally print them out, wipe my dog’s ass with them, and then copyright the results as original works of art. If things went that far, I would likely turn things around and sue you for retaining illegal copies of my artwork.

Trust me. It’s easier to just do the right thing.

Tom Newton


Anonymous members can be real tough when theyre banded together and disguised as superheros….

…but take away that security, and they fall apart like typical bullies. I have been called names, reported to the FBI, threatened with violence, and maligned so vehemently you would think that I was some kind of terrorist. All of this by a cyber-bully network known for driving the mentally unstable to suicide, sending seizure inducing animated graphics to epilepsy patients, ordering gay porn for teenagers, sexually harassing clergy via telephone, sending bomb threats, coordinating racist hate attacks against hip hop websites, fetishizing pedophile cultural icons, and generally bullying their perceived enemies into submission.

I hope they really do send the FBI. I’ll turn this whole thing around and bury the whole “Anonymous” collective in it’s own filth. All it will take is five minutes. The truth is, Anonymous will never be accepted by mainstream society as anything other than what it is: an angsty, Left-tarded, ignorant Internet mob that equates free speech activism with shouting profanities and gawking at simulated child porn. I’d be happy to make law enforcement more familiar with my perspective on the hate group.

So go ahead, Anonymous. Send the police! I’m sure they’ll really care about the plight of a few butt-hurt self-described vigilantes…

Tom Newton


“I’m a 25 year old aspiring cult expert and raconteur with a taste for hookah tobacco, spicy foods and fine ales.” –Matt Kyes, lying about his age.

Tomorrow is the 31st birthday of pot smoking auto mechanic Matt Kyes, known to Anonymous as “The Reverend Internet Jim Jesus”: His Myspace account states his age as 26, so I called his local DMV where his mustang is registered, and verified that he is in fact turning 31:

Matt is a lying bigot, and a hate group apologist. I visited his hate blog located at and found, to my dismay, that he has made several posts directly attacking me, and ridiculing my contention that Anonymous members are cyber-stalkers. He defends their actions, making the claim that the posting of the personal information of others, without their permission, is not cyber-stalking.

To Matt, there is nothing wrong with letting my readers know the serial number or registration date of his vehicle:

Mach1 serial number: 0F05M206527 Registration date: 2005-08-23

To Matt, there is nothing inherently bad about pointing out that his brother Jeff Kyes and his sister Miranda Kyes also live in Kingston, Ontario:
I guess it would also be alright if I were to start pooling together all the information I can on Matt’s friends as well. Friends like Jeff Hamilton and Alex Miller….

Matt Kyes is one of those Liberal Fascists who wants to care about people to death. He’s even offered to be there for me:

“Tom Newton is a sad case, I hope he snaps out of it soon. I know I talk a lot of shit Tom, but it’s because I care. When you wake up, I’ll be here to help. As will the critics and Anonymous. ” — Matt Kyes, posting as the “Reverend Internet Jim Jesus”

…Well Matt, Jim Jesus, Pig-Wrestler, Mach1, or whatever else you choose to call yourself, if you cared about other people, you would not be trying to inflict your own narrow-mindedness on them. You wouldn’t persecute people for having a different religion. Have a nice 31st birthday. I hope you like pizza……….

Tom Newton


“…I want to be an overrated celebrity reading a copy of A Seperate Peace in one a them READ posters you see in school liberries when I grow up. I also like run-on sentences…” —Lydia Fultz

Lydia Fultz, known to Anonymous as “Marlysfan” is a rabid anti-Scientologist who has made it her business to dig up whatever information she can find on the parishioners of her local Church of Scientology Org, and make it available for the predators and stalkers within Anonymous to use for their own nefarious ends.

Lydia Fultz is a cyber-stalker, a liar, and a hypocrite. I will be contacting the individuals whom she has placed in harms way, and ensure that they know who put them there. It is my sincerest hope that they take appropriate action against this intolerant, libelous bigot.

In her own words, she claims to be “…quite far from a terrorist-I believe that all critic activities should be safe, peaceful, and legal. What I did was not stalking or terrorism-I was simply posting public information I obtained on the internet…” Which is like saying, “I’m against racism. I just think that people ought to know why blacks should be hated.”

Lydia Fultz is a cyber-stalker and a bigot, there is no question about it. And while she claims to not be “Anonymous” she is working hand in glove with the hate group in her efforts to persecute individual Scientologists. For example, other names have just been added to the list which she started:


We Are Legion

Re: Info on Members of the Kansas City Org

Two other names for KC. No further info.

Michelle Duquette
Jacqueline Lynnette (Jackie) Dodds

According to Lydia and her Anonymous cohorts, none of this qualifies as cyber-stalking. Just to see if they can live up to their own standards, let’s see what they think about this:

Lydia Fultz (816) 531-2150 301 W Armour Blvd,Kansas City, MO 64111

Formerly wrote for the Spectrum, of Penn Valley Community College, 3201 Southwest Trafficway, Kansas City, MO. 64111 Telephone: (816) 759-4280

Lydia may not be an official flag waving, pedophile-adoring, mask wearing member of Anonymous, but I believe she can still be safely lumped in with the rest of them; while she lacks the overt cowardice which typifies the average Anonymous cyber-terrorist, she does display the requisite contempt for the rights of others.

Tom Newton



Anonymous member “MarlysFan” is divulging all the personal data he can about Scientology parishioners belonging to the Kansas City Org.


Anonymous member “MarlysFan” is divulging all the personal data he can about Scientology parishoners belonging to the Kansas City Org. This singling out of individuals is technically called “religious persecution”:


Default Info on Members of the Kansas City Org

I’ve done a bit of research over time, and I have some info on some of the members at the Scientology org-

Maggie Kittinger-Executive Director. About five foot five, slender, blonde. In her fifties, but looks pretty good for her age. Started off in Boston. Worked for the Guardian’s Office (yeah, THAT Guardian’s Office). Daughter is in the Sea Org.

Jeff Kittinger-Maggie’s husband. Owns a WISE business called Equitable Construction in Shawnee Mission, KS.

LMI – Workforce Information Database – infoUSA Employer Database

NOTE: the above link has the address and phone number of the business, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

Al Adriance-I believe he’s the head of Div 6 (recruitment) activities. I could be wrong, though. Tall and older with white hair. Chews gum.

Adam Drake-another Div 6 guy. Here’s a pic-

Wendy Keene-staff member originally from Arizona who was involved in a lawsuit-

That’s about all I have for right now…if anyone has any additional info on members of the KC org, please share.” –SOURCE:

This is nothing new. They have been cyber-stalking individual members of the Church of over a year now. See related postings below.

Tom Newton


ANONYMOUS CYBER-STALKING AND GAY BASHING…reason why Anonymous is feared, even by it’s own members:I for one, am sick of Anonymous getting away with their cyber-stalking….



Federal Criminal Investigation Pending…Anonymous has been commiting hate crimes using the internet as a weapon.



Despite over a year of foul mouthed Anti-Scientology activists screaming their heads off, the State of Texas still officially approves of Scientology:

81R18092 MDM-F
By: Harper-Brown H.R. No. 1190
WHEREAS, The Church of Scientology of Dallas is opening its
doors to the residents of Irving with the dedication of a new church
in that community; and
WHEREAS, Scientologists have been active citizens in the
State of Texas for more than half a century, effectively dealing
with major social concerns such as drug abuse, human rights,
illiteracy, and criminality; and
WHEREAS, In the fight against drug abuse, the church has
published and distributed prevention booklets and materials that
not only have helped the citizens of the Lone Star State, but have
reached people in more than 80 countries; and
WHEREAS, Scientologists have also offered guidance and help
to the youth of our state through numerous programs and activities;
WHEREAS, Church of Scientology volunteer ministers have
donated thousands of hours providing assistance to citizens in
Texas and nearby states following natural disasters such as the
Jarrell tornado and Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, and Rita; and
WHEREAS, The establishment of a new church in Irving provides
a fitting opportunity to recognize the Church of Scientology of
Dallas and its many contributions to the community it serves; now,
therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 81st Texas
Legislature hereby commemorate the grand opening of the new home of
the Church of Scientology of Dallas, congratulate its staff and
parishioners on their outstanding achievement in building this new
church, and extend sincere best wishes for the future; and, be it
RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
prepared for the church and its members as an expression of high
regard by the Texas House of Representatives.”

Anonymous’ protesting accomplishes nothing. Why? Because they are all costume and no substance.

Tom Newton


The following individual was in the vicinity of a Church of Scientology during one of Anonymous’ protests. His license plate, business information, and photograph were made available at and he was thoroughly investigated for any possible connections to the Church:

I downloaded this image to give my readers an opportunity to see how Scientologists are put at risk every time they go to Church. This guy was cleared after only a week of being stalked by the hate group and his picture was subsequently taken down. Had they determined that he was a Scientologist, his job, his business, and his reputation would have been immediately jeopardized.

As one of the cyber-stalkers explained:

“…After ensuring that he wasn’t a scientologist, at our request his info on here was redacted….we don’t need any civilians caught in the crossfire.”

This is just one example of how these self-proclaimed vigilantes act in precisely the manner which they attribute to the Scientologists. They claim to wear masks to protect themselves from this very type of stalking. This is just one more example of how Anonymous is a hypocritical hate group.

Tom Newton


In order to defend his minions from the scourge of objective public opinion, Mark is supplying his masked haters with the contact information for the faculty at the college where the CCHR has a display, so they can take appropriate damage control measures.

(Caught in another LIE. Mark Bunker claims to oppose the Church’s leadership and not the religion. )

This is typical. As one of the major opinion leaders to the hate group, his advice is carefully adhered to. However, in order to avoid criminal charges for aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist organization, he’s careful to distance himself just enough to avoid personal responsibility.

It goes like this: Anonymous wears a comical plastic mask and Mark Bunker hides behind a wall of lies; and Voila! Personal accountability becomes a non-issue.

It works out great for everyone involved. Mark’s initial address to Anonymous (see below) is what caused them to abandon their attacks against Church websites in favor of the legal methods of protesting which he and many others have been doing for decades. His influence is widely known and accepted by those who don’t have a vested interest in disguising it.

Tom Newton

A very hateful Mark Bunker: