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It was only a matter of time until another religion was targeted by Anonymous cyber-bullies:

“It seems as though some of message-board site’s elite has managed to acquire a list of Christian Facebook users and quite possibly their passwords too. In doing so, they’ve hacked a number of accounts, posted a number of extremely embarrassing photos and messages to Facebook walls, and then continued to comment under the shares – pretending to be the actual account owner.”




To All My Anonymous Readers:

I placed a friendly bet with several of my co-workers as to how you will respond to the following question:


Three of us are in on this:

1) One of us thinks that Anonymous members are insipid and vile liberal fascists who secretly support the ban.

2) Another seems to think that Anonymous “Free Speech Activists” are already “working on it.”

3) And the third believes that Anonymous only take orders from Tory Magoo and Mark Bunker, and therefore will remain focused on bashing Scientology 24/7.

Which of the three is the correct answer? Please answer in the comments below:

Tom Newton


The cyber-bully network known as Anonymous has exhibited a strong tendency towards fascism since they first unleashed their hate campaign against the Church of Scientology. As true “liberal fascists” (a term coined by George Orwell), they have now opened up discussions pertaining to the possibility of having the book DIANETICS banned in the UK:

Can Dianetics be Banned in UK?

They want it banned for “hate speech,” meanwhile they have no problem supporting Encyclopedia Dramatica, a website which boasts the largest collection of anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-Christian, anti-Gay rhetoric anywhere on the Internet.

This is the same group which endorses pedo-cultural icon “Pedobear.” This is the same group which has committed hundreds of hate crimes against individuals and against entire religions. This is the same group who started a “War on Scientology” as retaliation for a Tom Cruise video being pulled from under the guise of “fighting for free speech”, yet who are silent on the matter of conservative talk radio host Michael Savage being banned from the UK.

ANONYMOUS: Free speech activists? NO.


Tom Newton


Anonymous is more than just a collective of cyber-bullies with a well documented history of cyber-terrorism, cyber-libel, and cyber-stalking; those are merely their tactics. What Anonymous IS happens to be far more sinister than their reputation for “prankishness” would suggest.

Behind the deception and lies they promulgate; beyond the fact that Anonymous functions superbly as a public relations front for established anti-Scientology extremists; behind the creepy intimidation tactics is something worse than its members even suspect:


Think about this: why do they only seem interested in issues of “free speech” which support far left, liberal fascist agendas? For example, in addition to spreading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY across the Internet, they started a “War” on Scientology because a Tom Cruise video was pulled off of But when conservative talk show host Michael Savage was BANNED FROM BRITAIN for exercising his First Amendment rights, they remained strangely silent….

If Michael Savage was banned for promoting cartoons which eroticised young girls, Anonymous would have been the first to defend him. But again, what it all comes down to is that they ONLY support extreme left-wing perspectives.

This is how I know that they are not free speech advocates. They’re far too busy being hateful
ideologues and perverts to care about actual free speech issues.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Posting IP Addresses of Scientologists

In order to facilitate further cyber-stalking and harassment, the hacker gang known as “Anonymous” has resorted to posting the IP addresses of Scientologists on their Scientology Hate Site:

Default Re: /r/ known scientologist IP addresses – Church of Scientology in Battle Creek’s site – Church of Scientology in Detroit’s site”

Of course these self-righteous lemmings will delete the thread once it has been viewed several thousand times. This is how they operate: first, someone posts the information on the site; next, the members of Anonymous copy the information; and finally, one of their “Moderators” will come along and “scold” the “bad apples” for encouraging illegal behavior.

They use this same tactic on the “chans,” although there they post child pornography as well.

Anonymous members are as duplicitous as any liberal fascist goon squad. They use the EXACT SAME TACTICS they accuse Scientologists of using, such as “Bull-Baiting” and “Fair Game Attacks.” You would have to be a complete moron or a shill to believe otherwise. Anonymous members are deliberately lying to the public about the nature of their organization (thus, the masks).

Tom Newton

Racism Rampant Among "Old Guard" Anti-Scientology Activists

Everyone knows that Anonymous is a racist hate group. They dress as offensive black stereotypes, spam the Internet with the “N” word, and refer to Indonesians as “half-monkeys.” Here’s a typical Anonymous “joke”:

What most people don’t know is that the anti-religion extremists supplying Anonymous with anti-Scientology propaganda are also racist. One of the more active among the “old guard” critics of Scientology is Fredric L. Rice:

Rice is very well known among Anonymous and other extreme left-wing kooks. Like many middle aged white liberals, Rice suffers daily under the burden of white guilt:

“Round up all the honkey white mother fuckers and put them in death camps, I say. Then start breeding Native American Indians so they can take their country back. It’s a good plan and I’m all for it.” –Fredric L. Rice

Like most Anonymous supporters and collaborators, his opinions are greatly informed (and formed) by the television show South Park, spiked with whatever happens to be in his pipe at the moment. Fred L. Rice was exposed as a co-conspirator in the crimes of notorious pedophile Keith Henson over 13 years ago and continues to defend Henson to this day. And not surprisingly, Henson himself is a virulent racist.

Starting to see a pattern here? It would seem that Anonymous and the “old guard” critics share more than one enemy in common…….

Tom Newton

Anonymous Trinket Sales Exploding Onilne

Over 3000 Anonymous related trinkets are available at One year ago this would not have been tolerated. This just goes to show how diluted the group has become. One Anonymous member suggested that those who are proliferating Anonymous trinkets should be “raeped” (raped). However, the official Anonymous-Thought-Police have urged the hackers to “…Stop trying to cause drama.”

This seems to confirm my suspicion that the hate-mongering cyber-bully cult members are being kicked out of their parents’ basements en masse and are scrambling for rent money.

Tom Newton

Anonymous "Bull-Baiting" Scientologists

Donald “The Self-Hating Homosexual” Myers, also known as the “Angry GAY Pope,” demonstrates Anonymous’ tactic called “bull-baiting”:

Donald makes over $7,000 per month between his “Anonymous” donations, crazy checks, and his pot-dealing. He’s getting paid to hate. Isn’t that interesting? A “Gay Activist” soliciting donations to engage in religious persecution?

Or maybe there is nothing at all contradictory about Anonymous’ methods. Perhaps the unpaid majority of Anonymous are unwitting dupes who “just happen” to be engaging in the exact same leaderless terrorism tactics utilized by the KKK and various eco-terrorist cells.

Perhaps they are just mere computer geeks who “just happen” to stalk their political opponents to their homes, and run smear websites against them.

And maybe they really are innocent free speech activists who “just happen” to attack the websites of their targets in order to silence them, rather than confront the information itself.

Yes, your tin-foil hat would have to be screwed on pretty damn tight to believe that Anonymous members were anything other than a benevolent network of moral crusaders and freedom fighters. There is just NO WAY that they could be far left extremist kooks disguised as nice guys. There is NO WAY that their well documented history of cyber-terrorism, bullying, and hacking is anything other than a “few bad apples.”

Nope. Anonymous are the good guys, and Scientologists are all evil cultists. And if you believe otherwise, you too are an evil cultist and a homophobic racist.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Suppresses Free Speech (Again)

This time, I was the target. Click the link in the header. My web domain, has removed. Why?

Because Anonymous members filed complaints against me to the company I purchased the domain through.

This is what passes for “free speech activism” among Anonymous. Sickening, isn’t it?

Tom Newton

Donald Myers: Self Hating Homosexual

Donald Myers, the “Angry Gay Pope” is an angry man. Under the pretense of “free speech activism,” he harangues Scientologists, often accusing them of being homosexuals themselves. He does this to men and women. In fact, a restraining order was placed against Donald by a female Scientologist for (among other offenses) sexual harassment.

But why would a gay activist accuse his enemies of being lesbians and homosexuals? Why does he use “gay” as an offensive epithet? If you watch any of the hate-videos on his website you will see him chastising people for possibly being gay….


Donald Myers contracted the HIV plague due to his sexual deviance. He’s going to DIE for his sin and he HATES himself for it. That’s where the anger comes from. Who could blame him?

One can only hope he finds the help he needs. It’s probably not a coincidence that he focuses his rage at Scientology, since it’s the only religion that could have cured him of his sexual aberrations.

Tom Newton

PS: Donald, if you happen to read this, try here. You may not save your life but you might save your soul.