Anonymous Attempting To Recruit Pro-Lifers

Anonymous members are attempting to recruit Pro-Lifers to their cause:


They are publishing lists of email addresses of Pro-Life organizations in order to spam their conspiracy theories about “Satanic Ritual” and “Forced Abortions” perpetuated by “Evil Scientologists.” Note how they are trying to spread hatred as a tactic:

“I’m sure these groups are hungry for another target that is highly visible and much easier to attack that Planned Parenthood (seeing as most people already hate Scientology):”

The reason why I emphasized the word “attempted” is because I personally emailed every person on that list with ten examples of Anonymous’ anti-religion extremism….

Tom Newton


10 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    <>The reason why I emphasized the word “attempted” is because I personally emailed every person on that list with ten examples of Anonymous’ anti-religion extremism<>Would this be like when you ‘contacted’ the black panthers?Besides, the responses to this idea have been negative, it’s the think tank Tom, an area where people can propose ideas, I know the concept of free thought is foreign to you and your organisation (thinking freely=failed sec checks) but you should try it.

  2. Anonymous on

    Which ten examples would that be?

  3. Anonymous on

    ^Substitute examples with fabrications and you’re closer to the truth.

  4. Tom Newton on

    <>Which ten examples would that be?<><>I just picked 10 at random–out of hundreds…Tom Newton<>

  5. Anonymous on

    <>Which ten examples would that be?I just fabricated 10 at random–out of hundreds…Tom Newton<>FIXED

  6. Anonymous on

    <>I just picked 10 at random–out of hundreds…<>Oh, I remember, anything that happens as a result of an anonymous agent that is bad is caused by Anonymous, anything good that Anonymous does didn’t happen. Loosen the tin foil hat and switch to decaf, you’ll be feeling better in a week Tom.

  7. Tom Newton on

    <>I don’t drink coffee<>.TN

  8. Anonymous on

    Well at least loosen the tinfoil hat (mind control ray deflector, whatever you want to call it). It’s affecting your brain more than your delusion ever could if it were real.Every one of your supposed ‘Anonymous hate crimes’ has been debunked and exposed as either completely fraudulent or at the very least demonstrating a wilful ignorance. I highly doubt that this trend will change.

  9. Anonymous on

    I’m an active “pro-lifer”….and I am “Anonymous”.

  10. Anonymous on

    Regardless of what Anonymous does, coerced abortions are coerced abortions.It’s not about the messenger, it’s the message.The emails to these groups were not sent as a communique from Anonymous, it was simply an info drop to groups that are anti-abortion. They can do their own research and draw their own conclusions–just as we’ve encouraged EVERYONE ELSE to do. The groups were not asked to take the emailer’s word for it. Scientology is false idol worship and an abomination in the eyes of true Christians, and so is abortion. Scientology is also trying to make in-roads to REAL religions by stating that they are compatible with any and all religions. This is simply not true for Christians (and possibly others).Scientology is a cult of the self, and SELF improvement, by studying “spiritual tech” by a false profit that is using religious cloaking for monetary gains. In Scientology, you create and control your own reality. Scientology takes the word of a MAN, LRH, as perfect law and flawless “scripture”. It is idol worship. Guess what that is akin to? The Church of Satan. Disagree? I encourage you to read the Satanic Bible and the Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey. Get all the data. And then run comparison analysis between the basic tenants of Cult of Scientology and the Church of Satan. You will find many comparisons.Your black PR and disinformation about Anonymous does not change anything about the crimes of $cientology.

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